Explainer: What is the Connected Farmer?

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The Connected Farmer: How Vodacom is Making Farming Cool and Meet a Connected Farmer: How Vodacom is Improving Livelihoods of Small-Scale Farmers What is a Connected Farmer? Connected Farmer is mobile phone based solution for agribusiness to interact and transact with smallholder farmers. Connected Farmer utilise readily available, reliable, and scalable mobile technology to deliver a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use business management solution for all stakeholders in the agriculture ecosystem. Mezzanine and Vodacom Developing Connected Farmer Solution Mezzanine, together with Vodafone, developed a mobile enabled solution to mitigate the risk for agri-businesses doing business with Smallholder Farmers known as the Connected Farmer App. How Connected Farmer Works?

  • Connected Farmer is easy to use mobile phone-based enterprise solution for agribusinesses to interact and transact with smallholder farmers.
  • The farmer registers as a supplier and enters a contract with the agri-industry. The agri-industry records crop production at the delivery point and communicate volume, quality, and price to the farmer via SMS.
  • If needed, the farmer can now purchase goods from participating outlets in the agri value chain on loan account based on the available credit in his or her Connected Farmer account.
  • Monthly payment of creditors is done via Connected Farmer through a mobile
Key Features To the Agribusiness:
  • Lowers cost & risk involved in transacting with smallholder farmers
  • Informed decision making with readily available field data
  • Increased efficiency, productivity, and transparency in the Agriculture value chain (for all stakeholders in the ecosystem)
  • Enhanced smallholder farmer trust in the Agribusiness system and reduced side selling Production increases improves economies of scale
To the Farmer:
  • Access to quality information to specific groups of farmers based on farmer and farm profile Access to markets – closer and potential new channels
  • Access to finance and build transactional history
  • Improved income and resilience of farmers


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