Meet Wireless Earbuds Aiming To Challenge Apple's AirPods

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air-techRun Without Wires With Air you can now run without wires. No tangled wires, no bouncing, no cable noise, no slippage. Water resistant so you can sweat even harder to hit your personal record. Embrace Ergonomic Design Fits comfortably and securely in your ears. Each earbud has adjustable sillicone tips to fit ears of any size. Stay Connected Air is smaller, more portable, but with more stable connection. Enjoy Incredible Sound Custom equalizer and true wireless stereo sound technology. Hear every detail of the music. Connect to iOS & Android

Consistent, reliable Bluetooth 4.2 audio connection to any device, Air is flawlessly adaptive to all mainstream mobile devices, iPhone or Android. Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device to play games, stream movies, immerse yourself in virtual reality, or even to just walk around the house. Ask Your Personal Assistant When connected to a smartphone, you can press to talk to your voice assistant while keeping your phone in your pocket.