The MINI goes electric

The hybrid MINI makes full use of the electric motor’s entire torque

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Yet another new dimension of MINIMALISM (Photo Credit: MINI)[/caption] The Hybrid concept provides yet another benefit: the electric motor transmits its power to the rear wheels, the combustion engine to the front wheels. Since the intelligent energy management is linked to the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), traction and drive stability are optimised via the drive system. As soon as there is any risk of drive slip, the second drive unit is activated to provide additional traction when starting off or ensuring a high level of steering precision when cornering.

Intelligent energy management offers a further opportunity for both power sources to work together effectively. Driving on the motorway, Mackensen activates a third mode with the eDrive toggle switch: SAVE BATTERY. In this mode, the combustion engine powers the car whilst at the same time, the high voltage battery can retain charge at a constant level or indeed increase charge via a generator. Extended driving in SAVE BATTERY mode enables enough power generation for purely electric driving later.After driving in SAVE BATTERY mode, the MINI drives back into town in silence at the end of the test drive. The [caption id="attachment_2147" align="alignleft" width="300"]With this model we want to convince MINI customers of the benefits of hybrid drive With this model we want to convince MINI customers of the benefits of hybrid drive (Photo Credit: MINI)[/caption] status display in the cockpit reminds the driver to recharge the battery via wallbox or power socket. Refuelling is not necessary yet because the MINI plug-in hybrid model merely took a small sip from the fuel tank. Yet another new dimension of MINIMALISM. “With this model we want to convince MINI customers of the benefits of hybrid drive”, says head of MINI brand management Sebastian Mackensen, “and impress everyone who already has hybrid driving experience with MINI’s unique go-kart driving feel.” The key to achieving this lies in intelligent energy management which is used to control how the combustion engine and electric motor operate together. For this reason, the first MINI plug-in hybrid model is not solely focused on efficiency, but uncompromising in pursuit of driving fun.


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