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5 South African IoT and M2M Companies To Watch

What is IoT?  For more read: Explainer: The Internet of Things Current estimates suggest that if there are around two billion people online, there are around ten billion things online, and this will grow 50 billion things by 2020. The internet is the global network connecting computers in every country, whether through optical fibre, Ethernet, broadband or wireless. Here is 5 of South African IoT  and M2M Companies To Watch In No Particular Order:


IoT.nxt has developed a world-class software and hardware platform for the internet of things.

This reusable platform serves as a primary big data aggregator and filter between edge devices and the data analytics layer, it forms a conduit between the edge device layer and the application layer. The strength of the platform is that it is technology agnostic which enables the end-user to deploy best of breed technologies but at the same time, have interoperability and interconnectivity between all the IoT deployed applications, devices, sensors, machines and people. The IoT.nxt platform makes internet of things a reality. Overcoming the challenge of connecting any device to an internet of things platform, IoT.nxt has designed and developed a gateway controller, the Raptor 1000, which enables you to connect all devices in the internet of things world and to develop associations between devices. The IoT.nxt Raptor 1000 is an intelligent data gateway with a configurable hardware and software stack designed to support 100’s of analog or digital input and output devices, proliferating the internet of things world. Mezzanine Ware Mezzanine is a Vodacom affiliated company. Mezzanine, together with Vodafone, developed a mobile enabled solution to mitigate the risk for agri-businesses doing business with SHFs. Connected Farmer utilise readily available, reliable and scalable mobile technology to deliver a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use business management solution for all stakeholders in the agriculture ecosystem. Connected Farmer is an easy to use mobile phone based enterprise solution for agribusinesses to interact and transact with smallholder farmers. Mezzanine’s comprehensive and easy to use web based School Management solution which captures the daily data requirements that the education department needs for visibility at all their schools. The School Management Solution enables school principals to daily report in real time routine and exceptional activities back to the department of education. Departmental decision makers are notified of incidents as they happen and can provide feedback to the school immediately. Reports are timeously available to school stakeholders on different levels. Statistical analysis and trend reporting of aggregated data over time offers a sound base for operational and strategic planning. In the health space, Vodacom and Mezzanine have developed a real time mobile platform that allows healthcare professionals to utilise secure mobile devices to send treatment plans to patients, manage patient’s medical records and monitor the availability of medicine at the dispensaries. Furthermore – it has partnered with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) and the National Department of Health through its mobi-site B-Wise to give free-access to health information.
Vula Telematix Vula Telematix is enabling the Internet of Things in South Africa. Vula Telematix, is a provider of “The Machine Network SA”, the first public telecommunications network in the country exclusively for machine to machine communications.   The Machine Network operates on universal spectrum, using patented Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) technology and is the proven standard for connecting Internet of Things (IoT). The company has announced the availability of the Machine Network in Drakenstein Municipality in Paarl, Cape Town, where it will provide a multitude of smart energy services which will enable limitless opportunities for future smart grid and smart city initiatives. Vula Telematix has already aligned with local development partners such as Smart grid Technologies, DarioZone, and PTSI to build IoT Solutions for the local market. These and many other development partners are building IoT solutions that will address many gaps in our market.
Fastnet FastNet has been serving South African businesses for over 20 years, providing a range of communications services primarily in the Machine to Machine, WiFi and VPN areas. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telkom South Africa. FastNet can provide SIM cards from all major SA networks (Telkom Mobile, Vodacom and MTN) which are specifically designed for M2M use. It is also the first company in South Africa to use radio technology to connect credit card terminals to the banking system and have maintained our lead in this market by offering GSM / 3G POS solutions suitable for all retailers. FastNet was also the first communications service provider in South Africa to obtain Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance meaning that we conform to the standards required by VISA and MasterCard for transmission of credit and debit card information. We operate our own independent MPLS core network with fast fibre interconnections and several layers of redundancy. We are also licensed by ICASA as an Electronic Communications Network Service (ECNS) provider and an Electronic Communications Service (ECS) provider.
XLink It is a  trusted M2M partner in Africa since 2004. For More Read: XLink in the media Vodacom now owns 100% of IoT player XLink. XLink Communications was established in 2004, pioneering GPRS-based EFT data communication solutions in South Africa and is currently the largest carrier of electronic funds transfer (EFT) services across the GSM network. XLink currently manages M2M solutions for over 68, 000 businesses in Africa, facilitating 35 million M2M connections through the XLink Portal monthly. Its seamless communication service and products provide businesses with the capability and intelligence to remotely provision, track, maintain and monitor over 125, 000 SIMs and 80 000 units in the field. XLink has expanded its product range to provide specialist machine-to-machine data communication solutions for the retail, fuel, financial, hospitality, entertainment, travel, security, transportation and healthcare sectors. XLink currently services over 90,000 businesses in Africa, facilitating 50 million connections through the XLink Portal monthly. Their seamless connectivity service and products provide businesses with the capability and intelligence to remotely provision, track, maintain and monitor over 170,000 sims and 120,000 units in the field.]]>

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