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5 African firms changing the face of IoT space

BRCK BRCK is a hardware and services tech company based in Nairobi, Kenya. As the first company to pursue ground up design and engineering of consumer electronics in East Africa, it has developed a connectivity device also known as BRCK, which is designed to work in harsh environment where electricity is intermittent. brck_images_5BRCK makes accessing the internet simple and reliable wherever you are. It’s a rugged, cloud managed, full-featured modem/router with built in fail-overs and programmable GPIO expansion. If there’s a way for you to connect, BRCK will help you get up and stay up no matter where you are. BRCK can support up to 40 devices, has an 8-hour battery life when the power is out, and can jump from Ethernet, to WiFi, to 3G seamlessly. The initial BRCK units started shipping in July of 2014 and by February of 2015, thousands of BRCK’s had been sold to 54 countries around the world. LifeQ South Africa’s health informatics firm LifeQ is developing technology that will make it possible for non-invasive body monitoring devices to provide highly accurate physiological data that currently is only available through the use of expensive, invasive and hard-to-access equipment. “The development of smart wearable sensors is essential to supercharge the next generation of non-invasive body monitoring solutions,” said James Doscher, general manager, Industrial and Business Healthcare Group, Analog Devices. LifeQ has also partnered with Garmin to provide a deep collaboration to supercharge connected health. This highly integrative collaboration enables personalized and continuous tracking of physiological parameters related to sleep, stress, activity and nutrition as well as risk metrics as required by the insurance and pharmaceutical industry (such as cardiovascular age). The data enables health insurers to further analyze population risk factors to define new products and services that are more personalized and seek to lower the cost of health care delivery across the world. In addition, these personalized data streams provide the necessary insights and context to assist consumers in making smarter health and lifestyle decisions for themselves and their families. Adroit Technologies Adroit Technologies is a privately held South African-based software development company and has been developing award winning real-time software for the industrial automation markets for over 25 years. It is the number 1 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software in Africa and South Africa. Adroit Technologies are leaders in the Mind2Machine (M2M) space. Connecting machines seamlessly through our technology and consolidating their data with the relevant context models to make information available for Business intelligence. Piing Piing is a retail software company founded in Stockholm, Sweden with offices in Cape Town, South Africa. It build and supply premium software to its clients in the retail industry to help them build their business while assuring a great customer experience. piing_amfPiing’s beacons can be placed strategically at any location depending which products are on promotion or what message you want to be delivered. The Piing app is owned by a South African tech firm Beaconeye. Piing is aimed at revolutionising the way retailers can communicate with their customers indoors by using Bluetooth proximity technology. XLink It is a  trusted M2M partner in Africa since 2004. For More Read: XLink in the media Vodacom now owns 100% of IoT player XLink. XLink Communications was established in 2004, pioneering GPRS-based EFT data communication solutions in South Africa and is currently the largest carrier of electronic funds transfer (EFT) services across the GSM network. XLink currently manages M2M solutions for over 68, 000 businesses in Africa, facilitating 35 million M2M connections through the XLink Portal monthly. XLink currently services over 90,000 businesses in Africa, facilitating 50 million connections through the XLink Portal monthly. Their seamless connectivity service and products provide businesses with the capability and intelligence to remotely provision, track, maintain and monitor over 170,000 sims and 120,000 units in the field  ]]>

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