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IoT Device Maker Vows Product Recall, Legal AAction Against Western Accusers

last week’s massive attack that disrupted Twitter and dozens of popular Web sites has vowed to recall some of its vulnerable products, even as it threatened legal action against this publication and others for allegedly tarnishing the company’s brand, according to KrebsOnSecurity. Major parts of the Internet in the US were crashed on Friday by hackers using devices like security cameras around the world. This move affected services of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter and Spotify on the East Coast of the United States. “The nature and source of the attack is under investigation, but it was a sophisticated attack across multiple attack vectors and internet locations. We can confirm, with the help of analysis from Flashpoint and Akamai, that one source of the traffic for the attacks were devices infected by the Mirai botnet. We observed 10s of millions of discrete IP addresses associated with the Mirai botnet that were part of the attack,” said Dyn, an internet performance service company. In a statement issued on social media Monday, XiongMai (referring to itself as “XM”) said it would be issuing a recall on millions of devices — mainly network cameras. “Mirai is a huge disaster for the Internet of Things,” the company said in a separate statement emailed to journalists. “XM have to admit that our products also suffered from hacker’s break-in and illegal use.” In the meantime, XM is threatening legal action against media outlets that it says are issuing “false statements” against the company. Google’s translation of their statement reads, in part: “Organizations or individuals false statements, defame our goodwill behavior … through legal channels to pursue full legal responsibility for all violations of people, to pursue our legal rights are reserved.” “Security issues are a common problem of all mankind, since industry leaders have experienced, so do not be afraid Mai Xiong also experienced once. Faced with this totally untrue maliciously discredit reports, we will not go too much explanation and sophistry, but will put the customer first and user first, focus on products and services, take concrete actions to show our customers and responsible attitude and assume the corresponding social responsibilities.”]]>

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