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Tech Giant Oracle snaps up IoT DDoS Victim Dyn

Daily Beast reported that hacker used an old technique known for 20 years, a “DNS DDoS.” Hackers launched the attack from small, Internet-connected devices like security cameras. “Oracle already offers enterprise-class IaaS and PaaS for companies building and running Internet applications and cloud services,” said Thomas Kurian, President, Product Development, Oracle. “Dyn’s immensely scalable and global DNS is a critical core component and a natural extension to our cloud computing platform.” “Oracle cloud customers will have unique access to Internet performance information that will help them optimize infrastructure costs, maximize application and website-driven revenue, and manage risk,” said Kyle York, Chief Strategy Officer, Dyn. “We are excited to join Oracle and bring even more value to our customers as part of Oracle’s cloud computing platform.” Dyn’s solution is powered by a global network that drives 40 billion traffic optimization decisions daily for more than 3,500 enterprise customers, including preeminent digital brands such as Netflix, Twitter, Pfizer and CNBC. Adding Dyn’s best-in-class DNS solution extends the Oracle cloud computing platform and provides enterprise customers with a one-stop shop for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The Dyn team brings significant knowledge and capabilities to Oracle and will further extend the value Oracle Cloud brings to market. Dyn is the Only Global DNS Provider that runs a global network with over 10 years of Internet traffic history that provides unrivaled visibility into and management of cloud and public Internet resources. It collects 240 billion data points daily to create a global map of Internet traffic. Dyn’s DNS Platform is Trusted by Over 3,500 Customers Including Some of the Most Preeminent Digital Brands. Oracle said it was committed to protecting and enhancing customer investments in Dyn solutions. After the close of the transaction, Oracle plans to continue to invest in IaaS and PaaS. “We expect this will include more functionality and capabilities at a quicker pace. In addition, Dyn customers will benefit from better integration and alignment with Oracle’s other product offerings.”]]>

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