IBM Launches Global Watson IoT Consulting Solutions

IBM Launches Global Watson IoT Consulting Solutions

Tech giant IBM  has launched an array of new services, industry offerings and capabilities to help enterprise clients, startups and developers drive digital transformation with the Internet of Things (IoT).

With the number of connected devices skyrocketing, IBM is making IoT accessible to millions around the world.

IBM is dedicating more than 1,500 industry experts with its new Watson IoT Consulting Solutions, as well as giving open and free access to its Watson IoT Platform.

The Watson IoT Platform can serve a broad range of advanced IoT use cases.

“Clients can now easily introduce IoT innovation into their business by leveraging IBM’s industry and technical expertise to deliver lower risk, as-a-service commercial models. We are very proud our integrated IoT solutions deliver innovation in an easy to consume model for business leaders,” said Jesus Mantas, General Manager, Business Consulting, IBM. “We are helping clients accelerate the digitization of their business processes by making it easy to deploy IoT solutions globally into their business”.

IBM has added significant capabilities to the platform, including augmented reality, cognitive capabilities, blockchain, edge analytics, analytics tooling, and natural language processing, to name a few. With a strong commitment to open source standards and a robust global partner ecosystem, IBM is well positioned for market leadership.

The IBM Watson IoT Platform, a security-rich, scalable and open platform, let’s developers quickly connect, build, launch and manage IoT applications and solutions. To help make creating and developing IoT applications more accessible than ever before, IBM will offer:

  • Free access to IBM Watson IoT Platform:  For businesses who are just starting out on IoT and developers testing out and exploring new IoT innovations, IBM offers open and free access to the IBM Watson IoT Platform development capabilities. As projects grow, developers can then take their prototypes and scale to full production to meet business needs.
  • IoT education courses: To help the new wave of technical innovators learn how to develop IoT applications, IBM continues to offer industry-leading learning classes, via its collaboration with Coursera, and via new, easily consumable IoT learning tutorials on IBM’s open Watson IoT Academy. These tutorials, led by IBM subject matter experts, include an introduction to programming a Raspberry Pi; how to use Natural Language Processing; and how to use Node-RED, the open source visual programming tool set that is becoming a standard for building connected IoT programs.


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