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Seebo, IBM Collaborates to Help Manufacturers Deliver Smart Products

by Staff Writer Seebo, which is virtualising things of the Internet of Things (IoT), has teamed up with global tech giant IBM. The Israel-founded start-up that offers an IoT end-to-end platform to help companies launch smart products faster said the collaboration with the tech giant is aimed at bringing together the Seebo platform and IBM Watson Internet of Things. Connecting Seebo’s easy-to-use IoT development capabilities with IBM’s Watson IoT Platform and Bluemix empowers manufacturers to accelerate the delivery of smart products and gain insights from user data, the Tel Aviv-based start-up said in its blog.   As an IBM Watson IoT business partner, Seebo joins IBM’s IoT ecosystem and links the two platforms together for easy use by developers and product managers. The complexity of developing smart products – including parallel software, computer code and hardware design, alongside new design, and production considerations – often deters manufacturers from pursuing innovation through IoT. The addition of IBM’s Watson IoT Platform alongside Seebo’s SaaS platform helps to address these obstacles. The collaboration gives manufacturers access to tools to help build smart products quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as well as out-of-the-box connection with the cloud. Seebo customers can use IBM’s capabilities alongside Seebo’s innovative hardware simulator and testing app to reduce development costs and accelerate smart product time to market. “In less than an hour of using Seebo’s platform, product managers see data from their newly-developed online prototype visualized on the cloud dashboard,” Lior Akavia, Seebo Co-Founder, and CEO, disclosed in the company’s blog. The combination of hardware and app simulators, alongside the Cloud integration, empowers developers to build and test software independent of hardware, reducing the resources needed during smart product development. “Through our collaboration, we allow our customers to enjoy the synergy of IBM’s most advanced IoT, cloud and analytics tools and Seebo’s fast development capabilities to become active players of their sectors’ growing digital transformation trends,” said Akavia. The Seebo SaaS platform empowers everyone from small startups to enterprise customers, experts or not, to get smart products to market quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Seebo simplifies the complex process of going smart by offering a set of innovation and functional design tools, a smart hardware engine, forecasting tools, cloud and app integration, IoT simulation and a third-party marketplace.]]>

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