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SA’s Unique Bluetooth-Connected Chair

By Staff Writer The future is here and the Internet of Things (IoT) opens a completely amazing set of use cases to everyday objects such as chairs and tables, etc. The Bravo Group is the largest furniture and sleep products manufacturer in South Africa that specialises in renowned household names such as Grafton Everest, GommaGomma, La-Z-Boy, Sealy, Slumberland and Alpine Lounge. Their latest creation, called the Vision Recliner uses IoT to transform the popular chair into something that is connected to the Internet and make it a useful object or device for our digital world. The cup-holder has been revamped to keep your drink hot or cold as required and that doubles as a wireless cellphone charger when you close the cup holder unit. The Vision Recliner’s ease of use is promoted by having all the controls for the power-operated reclining mechanism conveniently to hand within the cup holder unit. Completing the bling factor of the new Vision Recliner is inbuilt lighting that illuminates the seat from below. [caption id="attachment_2890" align="alignnone" width="640"]The New Vision Recliner is a Unique Bluetooth-Connected Chair The New Vision Recliner is a Unique Bluetooth-Connected Chair (Photo Credit: Bravo Group)[/caption] Another newly launched product, the Polo suite, is purpose built to appeal to music enthusiasts. The Polo suite has inbuilt speakers that operate through a Bluetooth connection to your cell phone, tablet, USB, or auxiliary port, allowing your favourite sounds to pump straight into your ears while you recline and enjoy.

“Whether we are at work, rest or play, our lives now tend to be harnessed to our various devices for social media, messaging, music, and video,” says Theo van der Hoven, Bravo Group’s lounge division sales and marketing executive.
“We have taken that on board in our 2017 ranges and equipped them with innovative extras to make the experience of chilling out in our furniture blend seamlessly with consumers’ entertainment and communications.”
Products like these, Van der Hoven said: “They combine two key trends in furnishings internet of things and the increasing desire for warm, fuzzy moments of cocooning.”
Estimates are that by 2020, there will be 50 billion things or IoT devices – smart cars, fridges, toasters, streetlights, heart monitors, chairs, door locks, etc. – connected to the Internet. But some of this is not hot air, some companies are already deploying IoT solutions that save lives and empowering farmers to make money across the African continent. The Vision Recliner retails for R16,999 in full leather. The Bravo Group is hoping to attract the tech-savvy affluent market in tune with modern-day technology with the Bluetooth-connected suite and change the way people look at a chair in the digital world.]]>

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