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Canonical, EdgeX Collaborate to Unify IoT Ecosystem

Linux Foundation has announced a new open source software project called the EdgeX Foundry. The aim is to create an open framework and unify the marketplace to build an ecosystem of companies offering plug and play components on IoT edge solutions. The Linux Foundation has gathered over 50 companies to be the founding members of this project and Canonical is proud to be one of these.  The members include Mark Shuttlewort’s Ubuntu, CloudOfThings, Dell FMC, IOTech, IOTium, Kodaro, Linaro, VMWare, ZingBox, etc. EdgeX Foundry will will unify the ecosystem for IoT Edge Solutions. The EdgeX platform enables and encourages the rapidly growing community of IoT solutions providers to work together in an ecosystem of interoperable components to reduce uncertainty, accelerate time to market, and facilitate scale. By enabling the use of existing connectivity standards together with a marketplace of interoperable developer value-add, it will simplify development and deployment of IoT solutions in a wide variety of use cases. The initiative is aligned around a common goal: the simplification and standardization of the foundation for tiered edge computing architectures in the Industrial IoT market while still enabling the ecosystem to provide significant value-added differentiation. “Here at Canonical, we have been pushing for open source approaches to IoT fragmentation. Last year’s introduction of snaps is one example of this – the creation of a universal Linux packaging format to make it easy for developers to manage the distribution of their applications across devices, distros and releases,” Sarah Dickinson said in an Ubuntu blog. “They are also safer to run and faster to install. Looking forward, we want to see snaps as the default format across the board to work on any distribution or device from IoT to desktops and beyond.” Just like snaps, the EdgeX framework is designed to run on any operating system or hardware. It can quickly and easily deliver interoperability between connected devices, applications and services across a wide range of use cases. Fellow founding member, Dell, is seeding EdgeX Foundry with its FUSE source code base consisting of more than a dozen micro services and over 125,000 lines of code. “Adopting an open source edge software platform benefits the entire IoT ecosystem incorporating the system integrators, hardware manufacturers, independent software vendors and end customers themselves who are deploying IoT edge solutions,” said Dickinson. The project is also collaborating with other relevant open source projects and industry alliances to further ensure consistency and interoperability across IoT. These include the Cloud Foundry Foundation, EnOcean Alliance and ULE Alliance.  ]]>

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