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The Internet of Things is Enabling Shared Economy Applications

HUAWEI’S OceanConnect GLOCAL ECOSYSTEM To build a customized African IoT solution and enable operators to provide IoT as a service to verticals, Huawei is using its ‘GLocal’ ecosystem philosophy. “GLocal means using Huawei’s global experience and engagement with leading international vendors and then partnering with local players to cultivate a Local ecosystem,” explains Ming. Huawei’s OceanConnect platform is an open ecosystem built on IoT, cloud computing, and Big Data technologies. Right now, Huawei OceanConnect ecosystem have more than 500 partners all over the world Ming also cited the sharing economy as an example of using IoT to solve problems associated with congestion. Earlier this year, Huawei signed an agreement with Beijing-based bike sharing firm ofo to improve technology related to smart bikes. For more read: Ofo Partners With China Telecom, Huawei To Improve Smart Bike Tech He asked delegates at the conference whether the bike sharing is solving the problem of the last mile in China. However, Ming emphasised that the sharing economy will be enabled by IoT as a means of tracking, monitoring and managing resources.]]>

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