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How Smart Furniture Can Make Workers More Effective And Organizations Smarter

Herman Miller is integrating technology into your office furniture, making it smart device or desk. The designers of the iconic Molded Plywood Chair, which is notable for its simplicity and for its comfort,  are adapting today’s office furniture for a digitally-connected workforce. That thinking has led Herman Miller to launch Live OS, a new digital platform designed to personalize and optimize the office for the people who use it. More than sticking sensors on furniture, Live OS offers people and their organizations unprecedented insight into what actually goes on in the office, and a chance to use real data to drive smarter decisions. People will suddenly have the ability to personalize their workspaces, book rooms on the fly, and digitally connect to chairs and tables for a more ergonomic day at the office. The company said the term of art for this brand of user control is “consumerization,” and the market is moving toward this type of intuitive tech solution you don’t need an hour on the phone with IT to use and understand. “Herman Miller has been exploring the use of sensors in the work environment since the late 1990s, and we feel that we can improve people’s everyday experiences and provide organizations with data-driven insights,” Ryan Anderson, director of commercialization and business development for Herman Miller, says in the company’s blog. “If you were to zoom out and say we want to create an ‘internet of things’ approach to the work environment, it would lead you inevitably to the furniture.” An early example of how Live OS technology will benefit people and their companies is offered by the Renew Live Table which uses built-in sensors and a digital platform to optimize the sit-to-stand experience for the smartphone set. People can personalize their sit and stand settings on the app, which will travel with them to any desk in the office they so choose. People are more active at work with the Live app and furnishings. Working together, the app and furnishings remind people when it’s time to change postures and gradually help individuals achieve activity goals. This heightened level of activity encourages people to be more productive, efficient, and engaged. They can also opt in for wellness features and set personal activity goals. The product is a subtle enhancement to Herman Miller’s existing Renew Table, and upgrades to products like the Aeron Chair are currently in the works as well.]]>

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