IoT Security is a Must Today

Biometrics Improving Security Across Sectors

IoT Security is a Must Today


The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is exploding, and there’s no stopping it. But investing in advanced security solutions will help prevent that exploding ecosystem from ruining your company.

For most businesses, the key will be focusing on endpoint security – the personal and business devices throughout your office that could give a hacker a foothold, including any IoT devices like smart TVs, routers, and even thermostats.

Until manufacturers bake higher levels of security into these products, organizations need to deploy better monitoring and response tools to protect their environments. [Read More]

What is Blockchain, and What Does It Do?

While it’s best known as the foundation of cryptocurrencies, blockchain has a much more promising future than its Bitcoin cousin. The essential of blockchain – a distributed ledger that creates a “trustless” consensus to validate claims made by participants – has far-reaching potential in identity and access management, security, finance, and more. Some futuristic-minded technologies even believe it might pave the way for a new “type” of Internet. [Read More]

Identity Fraud Hits an All-Time High

2017 saw more than 16.7 million victims of identity fraud in the United States alone, breaking the record for identity fraud in a single year and setting a new bar for Social Security Number theft. This rise resulted in more than $16.8 billion stolen, with the majority of fraudsters migrating to a new theft tactic – opening new intermediary accounts, such as PayPal and Amazon, to launder the funds through. [Read More]

Mobile Biometrics a Game Changer in APAC

Organizations throughout the APAC region are embracing mobile biometrics, from telcos to finance, as a way to onboard customers and secure data that’s both cost-efficient and user-friendly. This trend is driven in part by the region’s high smartphone penetration rate, and a cultural push toward mobile transactions. Biometrics add the final touch that brings these different pieces together and gives businesses and consumers alike and easy way to secure their data and purchases. [Read More]

Nordea Embraces Biometric Authentication from Veridium

Nordea, a financial services group in Sweden, has deployed multi-factor biometric authentication internally to replace its employees’ security tokens. Powered by Veridium, the new solution has employee’s logging into their Active Directory environments with their fingerprints, using the VeridiumID platform and 4 Fingers TouchlessID. This initiative will improve security and reduce the firm’s total cost of ownership for user authentication. [Read More]


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