Humanoid Robot to Take Care of us are Coming Soon

"All homes will have a humanoid robot to take care of us and help us with domestic chores."

Humanoid Robot to Take Care of us are Coming Soon

Taiwanese companies like D-Link, iEi, Advantech, SECOM and Botpartner are creating new technologies, which were largely oriented toward ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and security.

D-Link: “Connected smart homes should be safe homes, and the gateway to the Internet is always the router”

Companies like D-Link are today developing safer and smarter routers such as the new AC2600 Wi-Fi Router presented during MWC18. This router incorporates a McAfee technology security solution, which allows all home devices to be automatically protected by SHP.

“This router connects all devices in the home, leverages the cloud which does most of the work, and optimizes in real time to defend against attacks or new types of viruses, thereby making it more efficient and secure”, said Ms. Tina Tsai, D-Link Global Marketing Director.

SECOM: “We will control all household appliances and devices through a single mobile application”

CEO of Taiwan SECOM Frank Lin, presented security solutions for different areas and segments of industry and society.

The company announced its solutions for Smart Cities and Online to Offline, such as technologies for cloud-based home health, parking management in cities, Big Data analysis, surveillance by drones and disaster prevention.

SECOM’s technology controls the home’s technology from a mobile application, e.g. opening and closing doors, switching lights on and off, controlling heating and cooling, and sending notifications when a person returns home. This technology is also available for commercial buildings and offices.

IEI Group: “Every senior citizen will have a robot at home to monitor their health, record trends and connect with medical services in case of complications”.

Senior Accountant at IEI Group Rosa Liu, presented health care and monitoring solutions for homes and hospitals.

By connecting medical devices that deliver real time data on the patient to the cloud platform, IEI Group’s solutions allow for nursing care, telemedicine and monitoring, and provide services in operating rooms during surgeries.

AfoBot, an online, domestic robot measures vital signs and constitutes a window for telemedicine.

BotPartner: “Conversations between customers and companies will be intelligent and automated, and will collect data from users.”

BotPartner is a leading company in the development of bots for sales, customer service and data collection. European Operations Manager of BotPartner Shih-Jie Lin, presented their solution for intelligent sales and customer service through intelligent conversations between customers and machines (chatbots) and presented examples of application such technology within private companies and public administrations.

iXensor: “Health monitoring in real time is key to preventing diseases in a scenario of increasingly aging societies.”

Business Developer Director of iXensor Dr. Gabriel Chao, opened his presentation by presenting a very real future scenario for many developed societies: the exponential aging of its population, which he coined, the looming ‘grey tsunami’.

iXensor has responded by developing a device that has smart cameras and sensors connected to conventional mobile phones, allowing it to read, digitize and synchronize patient data in the cloud e.g. glucose levels, and hence extract trends and graphics that make it possible to motorize and diagnose diseases.


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