SA’s Drone Firm Rocketmine Cements Global Expansion

SA’s Rocketmine Cements Global Expansion, Signs Drone Contracts in Africa, Mexico.

SA’s Drone Firm Rocketmine Cements Global Expansion

Rocketmine, a South African based subsidiary of the listed Delta Drone Group, has cemented it’s global expansion for 2018 with a number of new contracts signed across Africa, as well as new growth into Latin America.

The drone company said it has managed to sign a contract with Mexican mining giant, Minera Autlán, which has several projects covering at least six different sites across its operations.

The geography of these sites are challenging as the high altitude operations make for a particularly demanding environment.

In fact, Rocketmine said it is breaking records with regards to flight altitude, and the project will allow the company to demonstrate their advanced capabilities and operational adaptability.

In Africa, Rocketmine has also secured its fourth contract in Ghana after receiving the first ever commercial Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Operating Certificate (ROC) in the country in 2017, making it the largest commercial operator in the country.

Rocketmine has been contracted to provide on-site drone surveys to assist Ghana Manganese Company (GMC) with their mining operations. Operations from this mine have a history stretching back to 1916 when the first manganese material was lifted from the site.

Rocketmine Delta X & Y Photoshoot Jan 2018-113

Rocketmine Delta X & Y Photoshoot Jan 2018-113

Although operational for over 100 years, GMC realise the added value that Rocketmine and drone technology will now bring to their business.

The firm said the project will include the provision of full-time on-site Rocketmine pilots and drones, to survey the stockpiles, pits and waste dumps around the mine.

In addition, Rocketmine will be developing and supporting local talent by hiring and training Ghanaian pilots and staff.

This expansion into new channels for Rocketmine once again demonstrates the varied and exciting deliverables that drone data solutions can provide.

These new projects will realise a total revenue of R2.7 million ($230,000.00) over the next year.

“Our clients see the value in our cost-effective and highly reliable data solutions and Rocketmine has demonstrated that these can be customised to address any need that clients may have,” Christopher Clark, Rocketmine’s MD said.

“We aim to continue this global growth trend for the remainder of the year, through providing accurate, safe and quality services.”

Rocketmine is Africa’s leading premier drone data service provider and fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority to provide professional and cost-effective services; while focusing on delivering, safe, reliable, and accurate data to clients.

It provides customized drone data solutions to improve operational efficiencies and systems. Clients trust Rocketmine’s experience and expertise with over 7 500+ flight hours in multiple sectors and owning the largest fleet in Africa.


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