Mattresses Go High Tech

Mattresses Go High Tech

An advanced sensor device that scientifically determines the type of mattress that will ensure maximum comfort and support for each person is being launched in South Africa.

The development has been achieved through close collaboration between South African independent specialist sleep group Bed King and a Canadian company that specialises in making pressure mapping systems that measure and graphically illustrate contact points between surfaces.  

“We spend about a third of our lives in bed, and we now have a scientific way in which to ensure that our rest and sleep is supported by the optimal level of comfort and support,” says Bed King founder Mervyn Ewertse.

“We have refined this technology to best meet our customers’ needs and to take the guess-work out of determining the right mattress for each customer. We believe this is the first time the technology has been used in South African stores to precisely measure the level of comfort and support in mattresses.”

Bed King is introducing the technology in its 13 branches in Gauteng, the Western Cape and Mpumalanga and will use it to measure optimal comfort and support levels in its Comfort Solutions brand, which comprises of twelve mattresses and is exclusively available from Bed King.

Each store will feature a Comfort Solutions Lab equipped with pressure mapping systems. These will be able clients to find their comfort level based on their unique “pressure map.” (the areas of the mattress where their body presses into the mattress) Bed King plans to install Comfort Solutions Labs in all stores by end-June.

Bed King has been working with the Canadian pressure mapping company for the past three years to refine the technology specifically for the South African company’s use. The result is the establishment of a Comfort Solutions Lab in each store. Taking the form of a spacious booth, each Comfort Solutions Lab will include one mattress with a pressure mapping sensor built into it.

Customers will lie on the test mattress and assume their sleep position or positions. Data from pressure mapping sensors will be displayed on a screen to enable customers to see the pressure points on their bodies.

“In cases where partners sleep in different positions, we will determine which mattress suits both or, if there is a significant difference in their comfort needs, we will offer to make a mattress with two different comfort levels and specially manufacture this.”

Mattresses go high tech
Mattresses go high tech

What is Pressure Mapping?

The pressure mapping technology being used by Bed King to scientifically and accurately determine the right mattress comfort and support level required by each customer is widely used to design, manufacture and continuously improve products and their quality and performance.

Pressure mapping involves using sensors to quantify the pressure between virtually any two contacting surfaces or objects and, in the case of Bed King’s Comfort Solutions range of beds, between the human body and a mattress.

A pressure mapping system, consisting of a sensor to identify pressure points, electronics to capture data and software, provides critical contact information for analysis and real-time visual representation of data on a computer screen.

Systems are used to design, test and manufacture products and processes in fields as diverse as heavy industry and the medical and dental profession. Tyre and shoe manufacturers use them to measure tread pressure on surfaces and furniture makers to identify pressure points in seating.

With the launch of Bed King’s Comfort Solutions Labs in its stores, the system is now being used to measure pressure points in mattresses and identify the most optimal comfort and support levels for each customer.


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