The New All-Electric KIA E-Niro With A 485-KM Range

The New All-Electric KIA E-Niro With A 485-KM Range

The all-new KIA e-Niro is the first fully electric crossover utility vehicle produced by KIA.

With a range of 485 kilometres, the all-electric e-Niro combines driving enjoyment, eye-catching design, crossover utility and a zero-emissions powertrain to create one of the most capable electric vehicles on-sale worldwide.

The e-Niro is to be KIA’s second globally-sold electric vehicle after the Soul EV.

The e-Niro offers buyers a convincing alternative to compact crossovers powered by traditional petrol or diesel internal combustion engines.

 e-Niro, an all-electric version
e-Niro, an all-electric version

It gives owners the opportunity to complete both long distance drives and daily commutes with zero emissions and ultra-low running costs.

“The e-Niro is a clear demonstration of the progress KIA has made in delivering comfortable, practical and fun-to-drive vehicles that lead the way in zero-emissions driving,” said Emilio Herrera, Chief Operating Officer of KIA Motors Europe.


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