SqwidNet To Enable SA Security Industry To Innovate

Fidelity ADT is already developing a solution that will be connected to SqwidNet's vast IoT network.

SqwidNet To Enable SA Security Industry To Innovate

SqwidNet, the licensed Sigfox IoT network operator in South Africa, is entering the local security industry to enable its partners to deliver affordable smart solutions in a safe network powered by SigFox.

Sigfox is by far the world’s largest IoT network.

SqwidNet has teamed-up with Fidelity ADT, which offers 24/7 monitoring and armed response services for private and commercial premises in the country.

The deal will give Fidelity ADT the opportunity to develop new services to take to new markets based on the combination of Fidelity ADT’s in-house capability and skills, says Phathizwe Malinga, Managing Director at SqwidNet.

SqwidNet was launched in November 2016 and its network currently covers over 85% of the South African population, enabling millions of physical devices to be connected to the digital world.

It is driving innovation through a nation-wide IoT network that is low-cost and low-power.

“Based on the SLA of 99% and the coverage beyond 85% of the population SqwidNet offers, Fidelity ADT will be able to maintain their geographical footprint across South Africa at a lower cost structure and expand on their service offering,” says Malinga.

Fidelity ADT is already developing a solution that will be connected to SqwidNet’s vast IoT network.

“Since we were unable to source suitable hardware, we embarked on a development program to put together a very unique wireless communication device that operates on the SqwidNet network and meets our affordability, security and service requirements.,” says Carel Wessels, group chief technology officer of the Fidelity Security Group.

“In our field testing, the new wireless communication solution based on the SqwidNet network and custom developed hardware, absolutely exceeded all expectations and plans are now underway to enter full-scale manufacturing,” he said.

“Soon Fidelity ADT will be installing these new devices in customer premises.”

The South African IoT market, which is estimated to reach in excess of $2 billion by 2020, is set to revolutionise all sectors stimulating industry growth and economic development.


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