BMW-led Consortium Enables 15-Minute Electric Car Full Charging

FastCharge delivers high power charging at 450 kW

BMW-led Consortium Enables 15-Minute Electric Car Full Charging

The BMW-led consortium has succeeded in demonstrating charging times of less than three minutes for the first 100 kilometres of range or 15 minutes for a full charge of an electric car.

The consortium – BMW, Porsche, Allego, Phoenix Contact and Siemens – demonstrated prototypes of both charging stations as well as dedicated demo vehicles developed as part of the FastCharge project this Wednesday in Jettingen-Scheppach, Bavaria.

The new charging station can be used free of charge right away and is suitable for electric models of all brands with the Type 2 version of the internationally widespread Combined Charging System (CCS), as is commonly used in Europe.

The increase in charging capacity up to 450 kW – between three and nine times the capacity available at DC fast-charging stations to date – enables a substantial reduction in charging times.

“FastCharge” is investigating the technical requirements that need to be met in terms of both vehicles and infrastructure in order to be able to tap into these extremely high charging capacities.

The prototype charging system is developed by Siemens and is equipped with CCS connection. T

The system enables researchers to test the limits of the fast-charging capacity demonstrated by vehicle batteries. It can already handle higher voltages of up to 920 volts – the level anticipated in future electrically powered vehicles.

The system’s flexible, modular architecture also permits several vehicles to be charged at the same time.

Thanks to high-current, high-voltage charging the system is suitable for a number of different applications, including fleet charging solutions and, as in this case, charging along highways.

The Porsche research vehicle with a net battery capacity of approx. 90 kWh achieves a charging capacity of more than 400 kW, thereby allowing charging times of less than three minutes for the first 100 km of range.


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