Samsung Unveils Bot Care Robot

Samsung Unveils Bot Care Robot

In order to power tomorrow’s AI technologies, Samsung emphasized that today’s AI infrastructure must evolve to handle intelligence at the edge. For this reason, the company is working to launch a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that will shape the future of intelligent devices.

At CES 2019, Samsung unveiled four new robotics initiatives, including Bot Care, a personal health care assistant that helps consumers manage their daily health routines.

With its advances in AI and robotics, Samsung said is harnessing its best assets to make a positive impact on society and shape a better world.

The other initiatives include Samsung Bot Air, Samsung Bot Retail, and Samsung GEMS.

GEMS robotic platform wants to help athletes train and give support to people with mobility issues.

While Bot Retail platform will let robotic assistants field customer questions and requests, and help out with ordering and payment chores.

Samsung Bot Air uses sensors to monitor air quality and detect pollution sources.



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