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Sony’s IoT Chip Can Transmit From Fast Moving Vehicles

Sony is taking up the challenge to enable companies rollout the Internet of Things (IoT) more widely even in outdoors, where threats like power and motion have been a hindrance.

Sony, who announced their first chip supported by their Eltres LPWA (low-power wide area) network last week.

It is positioning this product for application in a broad range of IoT devices, aiming to develop various services making the most of stable wireless communications over long distances and while moving at high speeds, thereby creating a new market.

IoT has taken off with the help of existing Wi-Fi and LTE networks, yet those both come with significant compromises. Wi-Fi has a short range and suffers from signal interference if too many devices are connected, while LTE is expensive and requires a SIM. Both have a high-power drain.

Techspot said if we truly want everything connected to the internet, then we require affordable long-range networks that work in moving vehicles and can handle high interference, à la low-power long range. Enter Eltres.

Techsport reported today that the  Eltres is Sony’s spin on the concept, and it will launch in full in Japan later this year. Eltres employs small microchips and antennas to relay a signal-like sensor data to a base station, which can be over 60 miles (100 km) away. If the data was destined for a server the base station may have an internet connection, but it doesn’t have to. Sony gives the example of a drone tasked with monitoring an offshore farm, which could use the Eltres network to transmit location and sensor data.

Eltres can be used in:

Mountains for superior communication coverage for tracking services even in mountainous areas:

  • Finding the friends at the ski resorts
  • Monitoring of tracker
  • Distress rescue
  • Landslides report
  • Extermination or destructive animals

At sea for superior communication coverage for maritime services:

  • Marine rescue
  • Monitoring of vessels
  • Monitoring offshore farming
  • Hazard alarm of disaster
  • Yacht race tracking

Urban areas for excellent interference immunity for services even in noisy urban areas:

  • Bicycle rental
  • Remote monitoring of street lamp
  • Automated external defibrillator
  • Tracking of home delivery
  • Safety monitoring for children

For fast-moving objects providing high mobility for services to track fast-moving objects

  • Location tracking of long-distance trailer
  • Location monitoring of rent-a-car
  • Moving on the express train
  • Operation monitoring of the express bus
  • Location monitoring of drone  –

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