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SA’s IoT.nxt Develops Social Distancing Solution for Retailers, Offices

IoT. Image by methodshop from Pixabay

A South African innovator in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, IoT.nxt, has developed a solution that will make it possible for companies and retailers to manage social distancing and control the number of people at a facility in real-time.

The product, known as Covision, is currently being tested at various supermarkets in Pretoria.

Furthermore, IoT.nxt’s office in The Netherlands is in discussion with a retailer in The Hague for a test site in that city.

Since the introduction of social distancing requirements for varied facilities all around the world, many companies have experienced challenges with the management of this.

In South Africa, a leading retailer in Cape Town was ordered to close in April as it failed to comply with lockdown regulations – notably distancing requirements.

“Most retailers have implemented a manual process, with mixed success,” Nico Steyn, IoT.nxt CEO, explains.

“With Covision a retailer will know exactly what the situation is inside a store, in real-time, and manage it efficiently.”

The product has attracted interest from companies in other countries in Europe and in the US, and from governments in those territories, said Steyn.

“We expect to roll it out to many sites in the months ahead,” he said.

“Furthermore, our team is currently working on a version that will allow us to manage social distancing from next week when employees return to our Centurion office. This will be the test site for the Covision solution for office buildings.”

Covision’s original idea was to see how IoT technology can be used to monitor the movement of people, vehicles and assets.

“While in development COVID-19 spread to all corners of the globe and the team brainstormed how the solution they were working on can be tweaked to be useful for COVID-19 challenges,” Steyn says.

The solution was developed by Michiel du Toit (Chief Innovation Officer at IoT.nxt) and Tobie Alberts (Technical Evangelist, Solutions Design at IoT.nxt).

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