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Personalised service the winning ingredient for new ISP

Farhad Suleman
Farhad Suleman

SimpliConnect, a new and exciting Internet service provider (ISP) has launched to deliver a full suite of business and consumer connectivity solutions, with an emphasis on convenience, efficiency, and simplicity. More importantly, it focuses its solutions on meeting the specific needs of customers in the market, whether that is a large multinational organisation or a home user.

“Even though having internet access has become a basic necessity, people are frustrated by the limitations of existing offerings. Furthermore, service providers need to cater to all segments of the market including a rapidly expanding mixed-use consumer where the home has become the office and the office is also the classroom,” says Farhad Suleman, CEO of SimpliConnect.

In other countries, connectivity is a utility and treated as such. After all, how often do you think about how your car engine works when you turn the ignition? The same should apply to the internet in South Africa. People need fast and reliable access but more importantly, it needs to be tailored for their specific usage needs so that they are only paying for what they actually use. 

“The temptation for ISPs is to label a solution as something that helps to create a digital society, but many do not give any thought to what this really entails. It is about creating an enabling environment that drives internet access and the adoption of technologies that improve our quality of life. This is where SimpliConnect comes in. Our focus is on delivering a world-class customer experience while producing solutions that meet the current and future needs of our business and consumer clients.” Suleman says  

Remote access and the ability to WFA (Work From Anywhere) is the new norm. It’s never been more important to have access to the right connectivity and a trusted technology partner, it could very well be your Achilles heel or your competitive advantage. SimpliConnect offers solutions and services that fill that gap whilst making internet access simple, reliable, affordable, and fuss-free. 

Their solutions include innovative, digital services like Cloud, SaaS (software as a service), FTTx, WTTx and business connectivity solutions which cater to small start-ups looking for a cost-effective but reliable connection, individuals looking to always be connected for online schooling or a Netflix binge or a larger organisation looking for a multi-site connectivity solution with access to digital networking and secure cloud solutions. 

“These are exciting times in the South African internet market. With so many choices available to consumers and businesses, we know how important it is to differentiate on quality, service, and personalisation. As such, we give you products that do not conform to the stereotypes. It is about pushing boundaries and breaking the rules where necessary to deliver world-class internet access. We differentiate ourselves with the strength of our solutions and the professionalism in which we meet all our client requirements whether they are a large enterprise or an individual looking for home connectivity,” says Suleman.

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