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Vodafone UK teams up with IoT.nxt on new IoT services

Nico Steyn
Nico Steyn

Vodafone, the parent company of South Africa’s Vodacom, is teaming up with IoT innovator IoT.nxt to develop a new range of services that will make it easier for UK businesses to adopt IoT solutions.

Vodafone said the move is aimed at opening up new markets for IoT growth in the country. The partnership will enable Vodafone to introduce a new set of products and services targeted at the utilities, logistics, public transport, healthcare, manufacturing, and building management sectors.

“Through IoT.nxt, part of the Vodafone family, Vodafone will offer customers every part of an IoT solution, with a single data management platform, and the capability to integrate old and new devices in one system,” the company said.

As part of the new range of services, Vodafone will provide IoT sensors and devices, create a data management platform, and offer ongoing professional services.

“This complete offering will ensure IoT is accessible to all businesses, including those that do not have specialist capabilities in-house.”

IoT, or the ‘Internet of Things’, is the capability to track, monitor and manage any assets, giving businesses vital data, insight and control.

Markets that can most quickly benefit from IoT adoption include utilities, logistics, public transport, healthcare, manufacturing, and building management.

Vodafone today released a report on the benefits of ‘Digital Buildings’ which found that investment in IoT in public sector buildings could reduce carbon emissions, reduce energy usage and save taxpayers up to £380 million annually.

The report, which calls on the UK Government to explore digital buildings technology, estimates new technology could reduce carbon emissions by up to 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 a year and reduce overall energy usage in buildings by 15%.

IoT.nxt has offices in South Africa, The Netherlands and USA. South African telecoms company Vodacom, a subsidiary of Vodafone, acquired a majority stake in IoT.nxt in 2019 which will drive the companies’ global roll-out of IoT solutions.

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