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HR consultancy 21st Century buys data analytics firm Analytico

Data analytics
Data analytics. Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Remuneration and HR consultancy 21st Century has acquired data analytics company, Analytico. The partnership adds IOPs (Industrial and Organisational Psychologists) capability to 21st Century’s comprehensive HR and analytics services by bringing to them the largest and most credible source of earnings information for medico-legal reporting in South Africa.

With a global shift in employment and remuneration policies occurring because of the COVID-19 pandemic, relevant, up-to-date data and benchmarking are needed more than ever before.

Analytico and 21st Century have joined forces to provide an all-inclusive analytics package based on current South African data and benchmarking –  as opposed to international statistics – a first for the South African market.

“Analytico has become a leading brand in the medico-legal industry as a provider of earnings research and labour market data analysis. Our acquisition will strategically benefit Analytico and 21st Century to provide corporate and non-corporate data to IOPs and attorneys. As a leading remuneration survey provider in Africa, 21st Century looks forward to expanding our services into the medico-legal industry with the Analytico brand”, says Chris Blair, 21st Century CEO.

The partnership enables a robust combined resource of informal non-corporate and corporate earnings research. It will provide access to credible and audited earnings data and clients will save costs and resources by being able to make a single purchase of an array of data, rather than buying data from several providers.

Businesses will now be able to gain access to earnings research tools that provide in-depth analysis of labour market and corporate earnings information. Analytico will also continue to provide IOPs and attorneys with corporate and non-corporate industry data under the 21st Century umbrella.

Jaen Beelders, Managing Director of Analytico says, “I am extremely excited about the opportunities of being acquired by an established and credible company like 21st Century. It is an immense opportunity for Analytico to grow and scale in the medico-legal industry. Analytico can now leverage several data sources ranging from audited formal sector and informal sector data.”

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