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PRODUCT ANALYTICS playbook – mastering retention

Care about growth?  Then you should care about user retention. Without retention, your product is a leaky bucket: you can pour in as much dollars as you like into marketing, advertising, and other means of user acquisition, and still wind up with no long-term users – which means no sustainable growth and no means to generate revenue.

There are thousands of articles listing ‘growth hacks ‘for increasing retention, ranging from social media tactics to drip campaign, targeted ads, and push notifications, etc.  The problem with most of these tactics are that they’re just that: short-term, often unspecific tactics that lead to a transient uptick in active users.  To date, there is no broadly applicable framework for improving user retention at various stages of the user lifecycle.  Until now.

There are too many companies asking, “How do we acquire new users?” that should instead be asking “How do we get better at keeping the users we already have?” Jamie Quint, Co-founder of Interstate Analytics.

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