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The power of the processor


Consumers these days are spoiled for choice and often do not know which make and model to buy among the vast range of computers available. However, when it comes choosing a machine to meet the demanding requirements of today’s workloads, nothing is more important than having a good central processing unit or CPU.

The CPU can be likened to the “brain” of the machine, and they reside in almost every device we find today, whether it’s a TV, a smartwatch, a laptop, or a smartphone. It is the CPU’s job to process and execute instructions. CPUs are made by putting billions of microscopic transistors onto one computer chip. It is these transistors that enable it to make the calculations it needs to run the programs that are stored on a system’s memory.

So says Gregg Barker, Business Unit Manager of Product at Tarsus, South Africa’s leading ICT distributor, and partner of choice for Intel solutions.

He says, with this in mind, Intel recently unveiled its 12th Gen Intel Core processor family, that features six new unlocked desktop processors, designed to meet even the most demanding processing needs. “With a maximum turbo boost of up to 5.2 GHz and as many as 16 cores and 24 threads, Intel’s new processors reach unparalleled levels of multi-threaded performance for business leaders, designers, gamers and anyone wanting the best computing experiences available.”

Remember, Barker says, the CPU is what gives the instructions and processing power the machine needs to do its work, and the more powerful and updated the processor is, the faster the computer can complete its tasks. “By getting a more powerful processor, your computer is enabled to think and work much faster. In addition, having a powerful CPU helps to optimise the power of the machine’s random-access memory or RAM.”

Speaking of what makes this performance possible, Barker says the performance hybrid architecture of Intel’s latest processors is an architectural evolution that was enabled through the close co-engineering of software and hardware. “This is the innovation that will offer organisations in every industry the highest levels of leadership performance for many years to come.”

He says the complete 12th Gen Intel Core family will include 60 processors, set to power more than 500 designs from a wide range of partners. “Intel’s new performance hybrid architecture, which is the first ever built on the Intel 7 process, will bring scalable performance from nine to 125 watts to enable every PC segment from the ultra-thin-and-light laptops enjoyed by mobile users to desktops, and gaming machines, and right out to the edge.”

He says the new range of processes harness innovative new technologies, and bring real-world performance to the home, to the office, or even on-the-go. “Gamers and design enthusiasts can supercharge their creative process, or game like professionals, thanks to support for the latest PCIe Gen 5, AV1 media decode and advanced AI capabilities, which include dynamic noise suppression of the enhanced Gaussian & Neural Accelerator (GNA).”

In addition, greatly enhanced image quality and integrated ISP for powerful image signals is made possible through Intel’s Image Processing Unit Experience. Also, he says uninterrupted connectivity and industry-leading memory and input and output with integrated Intel W-Fi 6E offers freedom from cumbersome, legacy Wi-Fi device interference.”

Most importantly, the new processors offer breakthrough power-performance. The H-series 14-core processor together with discrete graphics brings a unique gaming and professional video editing experience. The U-Series 10-core processor that was designed for ultra-thin and fan-less laptops quickens office productivity while on-the-go. The new P-series combines the best of both of these for unparalleled levels of performance in a form-factor that is both thin and light.”

Designed with the experiences that matter most for business professionals and personal users alike, machines powered by 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors offer a premium choice for everyone and empower users with the performance and industry-leading features for exceptional experiences across gaming, content, and play for today and into the future.

The 12th Gen Intel Core processor
Intel unveils the 12th Gen Intel Core processor family with the launch of six new unlocked desktop processors, based on Intel’s performance hybrid architecture. The new six unlocked desktop processors were introduced Oct. 27, 2021. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

“There’s no question that your next computer should have an Intel 12th-gen processor, but choosing which machine is best for your needs isn’t as easy,” Barker adds. Bear in mind, that many organisations have migrated online and are working remotely since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago. A vast number of local and businesses have digitalised themselves, yet not all businesses have been able to shift themselves into today’s new era of IT. And even those who are willing to shift are not sure where to start.

Many business owners are still unsure about which machine is best for their workforce, and which one is best for their own workloads. In short, they simply do not know how to choose the right machine to suit both their personal and business needs. “This is why South African businesses are turning to Tarsus Distribution, as the country’s foremost distributor of 12th-gen Intel Core-equipped machines from the world’s leading brands.”

Not only is Tarsus the longest-established and most experienced IT distributor in South Africa, but it has also developed a reputation for only supplying the best IT equipment in the industry to ensure all its clients’ needs are met, he ends.

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