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Aerobotics Hires Top Agronomist

Aerobotics has brought on agricultural industry leader and technical agronomist Liaan Janse van Vuuren to further develop its intelligent tools for increasing and protecting yields. As an industry stalwart, Liaan is training Aerobotics’ artificial intelligence in the field to equip growers and their advisers with an eye in the sky that sees everything and…

Connected workouts can help you get fit alongside virtual buddies during the pandemic

Riding together from afar can help you build the exercise habit. ArtistGNDphotography/E+ via Getty Images Deborah Feltz, Michigan State University and Karin Pfeiffer, Michigan State University Sales of exercise gear and technology-based fitness tools have exploded in the U.S. as people try to maintain their workout regimens without going to…

Bosch puts first 5G campus network into operation

Bosch puts first 5G campus network into operation

Bosch is putting its first 5G campus network into operation. At its Industry 4.0 lead plant in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, the company aims to manufacture under previously unheard-of conditions, with data being transferred extremely reliably and ultra-fast, and machines reacting almost instantaneously. For the first time, wireless implementation will be possible for…