About SqwidNet

SqwidNet is the licensed SIGFOX operator in South Africa. The SqwidNet network will give nationwide coverage for the Internet of Things – millions of sensors and devices sending small packets of data for, for example, analysis, immediate action, and record keeping. The network will span the entire country by 2018.

Our team consists of some of the foremost experts on the Internet of Things in South Africa.

The SqwidNet network will provide low-cost access to IoT solutions and operators in South Africa, creating opportunities for businesses small and large to come up with innovative solutions.

SqwidNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of DFA, the premier open-access fibre connectivity provider.

About DFA (Dark Fibre Africa)

DFA finances, builds, installs, manages, and maintains a world-class dark fibre network to transmit metro and long-haul telecommunications traffic in South Africa.

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